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White Yellow Brown Dextrin manufacturers in India

We are offering wide range of White Yellow Brown Dextrin Manufacturers in India. These are used in the foundry as a binder for core washers and moulds. They help in increasing dry strength and are easily soluble in cold water and is converted of treated starches.Dextrins are prepared by heat treatment in presence of chemicals to suitably modify characteristics and properties of starch. They find application in Paper core And Tubes, dyes, foundries, fire crackers, and many other industries.The Adhesives Industries uses large amount of yellow dextrin in the preparation of liquid and dry adhesives. Dextrin goes in to the solution instantly and with a lesser quantity of water, because of their greater adhesive strength and fluidity.

The advantage of White Yellow Brown Dextrin in the dye stuff industries are so well recognized that good many large scale manufactures have taken to using highly soluble dextrin as diluents to standardized the dyes with respect to the range of color Dextrin washes out quickly and easily and do not react with chemicals used in the process.

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