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Sanjay Adhesives, founded by Natvarlal Parikh in 1955, is one of the major providers of premium quality starch based products to various industries like Textile Industry, Paper & Paper Product Industry, Paint Industry, Leather Industry and Construction Industry. Ever since its inception, Sanjay Adhesives has always strived to formulate products which can best suit the customer requirements. The company has experienced tremendous growth in the past few decades.

Paper and paper based industry is one of the major industry to which the company caters. The Moisture Resistant range of Starch based products for this industry constitutes major part of the sale. Specialized products for items such as corrugated boxes, paper tubes, paper cores, fiber drums, composite containers, kraft paper, etc. has shown positive improvement in the output quality in terms of Compression Strength, Bursting / Crushing Test, Ring Crush Test, Edge Crush Test, Weight, Caliper, Moisture gaining levels.

The company has used diversification strategy to expand its business operations. It offers dextrins and other modified starch to various industry verticals. The success of Sanjay Adhesives can be attributed to its constant R & D efforts which help in formulating world class products. Today, the company enjoys credibility as one of the excellent suppliers of premium quality starch based products.

Our Outstanding Facilities

Sanjay Adhesives has well developed manufacturing facility which enables the production of top quality and bulk products within the requisite time frame. Divided into manufacturing, packaging, warehouse and quality department, each unit is equipped with modern machines, tools and is efficiently managed by respective managers and workers. After the products are manufactured they are packed in HDPE bags which protect the goods from dampness, impurities and keep the quality and properties of the adhesives intact

Why Us?

Sanjay Adhesives stands on the edifice of quality and reliability. Its dedicated efforts and emphasis on quality control at all the levels of business processes have successfully helped in achieving consistent and unmatched quality standards with on time delivery. The company has clinched a set of high profile and satisfied clients who vouch for its quality products. The research and development unit is geared to design leading edge technology to offer enhanced quality products. Besides, the customer care department is entrusted with soliciting queries from the clients to offer excellent after sales service.

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