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At Sanjay Adhesives, utmost emphasis is laid on ensuring consistency in the Quality offered. Hence, we follow a stringent set of procedures for internal testing. Rigorous Quality inspection of material is conducted at various stages of the production process beginning from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. The products are formulated to meet and compete with International Quality Standards. We believe in standardization and automation which ensure consistency in production and improvisation.

Packing Details

All our products are in powder form. They are packed in HDPE bags which help in keeping the quality of the products intact.


fixojaty moisture resistant adhesive

Sanjay Adhesives has always been value-driven. These values are the underlying factors for constant growth and success in the past decades. These values are enumerated below :

Integrity : "We do what we say. We say what we do."
This attitude has helped us win the trust of our customers. Today we have clinched a a set of high profile and satisfied clients who vouch for our quality products.

Excellence : "Only the best can see a tomorrow. The rest may dream to."
We strongly believe that it is the best practices, offerings and services which help a company grow tremendously. By ensuring that our offerings are of excellent quality, we not only ensure that our customers are satisfied but ensure that the customers of our customers are equally satisfied with the high quality output.

Growth : "If you don't grow, you are not putting in enough efforts."
We look forward to grow tremendously not only in terms of revenue generated but also in terms of our presence across the globe.

Passionate: "We do what we love. We love what we do."
We are passionate about what we do. Because of this, we constantly are able to improve our operations and offerings.

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